Ranjani Rao

A scientist by training and a writer by choice, I grew up in Mumbai, India but spent my early adult life in the United States. In my mid-thirties, I returned to India and spent a decade in Hyderabad. My current and past avatars include experienced pharmaceutical professional, trained yoga practitioner, and wishful singer. I now live in Singapore with my family who provide inspiration and fodder for my writing.

Photo Credit: Shailaja Chilappagari

My writing journey started with the birth of my daughter after a struggle with infertility. I wrote a diary in the first two years of her life to chronicle my feelings at the miracle of her birth which transformed not just my life but also my thinking. Writing gave me a way to make sense of the contradictory feelings that came with motherhood. It also made me think about the larger world outside my home that my child would inherit.

My essays have been published in various print and digital publications including San Jose Mercury news, alternet.org, and Pacific News Service. I wrote for a column for Desijournal.com which provided a forum for my kind of writing and served as a catalyst for the long-standing friendship with Nandini, who was not only my target reader but also a wise mentor and kindred soul.

My recent writings have appeared in India Currents, USA (July and August 2017) and QLRS, Singapore (October 2017). Find them all here.

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My Story Artisan books:

  1. Negative Space and Other Stories
  2. No Longer NRI
  3. Abroad at Home