Personal Historian

Nandini interviewed several remarkable individuals and wrote their profiles on Desijournal, the online magazine that she co-founded in 2002. She selected these particular individuals because they were “coloring outside the lines.” The choices that they had made in their lives were courageous and thoughtful. Their stories deserved to be told in order to honor their journeys and to inform and inspire readers.

These profiles were included in Abroad at Home.

The purpose of the Personal History division of Story Artisan Press is to help people tell and preserve their own stories.

A Personal History account is a way to connect with loved ones from whom you are separated by time and/or distance. Examples are:

  1. Your younger self
  2. Your future self
  3. Your children
  4. Your grandchildren (and future generations)
  5. Your friends or other family members

Writing a spiritual reflection — be it an essay or a book-length memoir  — is a way to overcome the tyrannies of time and distance. It is also a way to reclaim memory, voice and authority.

Russian Nesting Doll

Over the course of the last fifteen years I have written a memoir and a few dozen personal essays. In the process, writing has become my preferred tool for figuring out my world and understanding my inner life. When I reread a piece after a gap, it feels as intimate and as satisfying as a letter from a dear friend — even though in this case, it is the old me writing to the current me.


I have come to believe in the power of writing to create and preserve connection. I have created this web site to help others pursue and achieve wholeness through spiritual writing.


a) You have a story

b) Your story matters (even if only to you)

c) You have the right to tell your story

d) Do it for yourself – for your health and well-being, for your own personal satisfaction

e) Do it for your children and grandchildren

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