Nandini Patwardhan

I grew up in Mumbai, India and have lived most of my adult life in the United States. I possess graduate degrees in mathematics and statistics, and work as a professional web developer and data analyst.

I started writing personal essays around the year 2000 out of a desire to record my experiences as an Indian mother raising American kids. Writing soon became my passion. It is through writing that I get a better understanding of what I am thinking and feeling, and why. Often what I write becomes a letter from the current me to the future me. At other times, it becomes a way to, as Wallace Stegner put it, “leave a stain upon the silence.”myphoto


One such project, that I worked on for over seven years is the biography of Dr. Anandi-bai Joshee, the first Indian woman who became a doctor. It will be published by Story Artisan Press in March 2020. The title of the book is

True Friends–India’s First Woman Doctor and the Americans Who Championed Her Cause

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As both a web developer and writer, one of my proudest achievements was an online magazine, that I founded, programmed, edited, and operated between 2002 and 2009. At its peak, the magazine’s website attracted over 25,000 unique visitors per month. Check out the anthology, Abroad at Home (CreateSpace, 2009), which contains selected writings from the magazine.


My writing has also been published in the New York Times,,,, American Atheneum, and India New England News.

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