Ebook or print book? Why not both?

Call me old. Or old-fashioned. I grew up reading print books of various sizes with amazing stories that transported me to imaginary lands. I love print books for their smell, feel and heft.

Ebooks entered my life recently. I own a Kindle, which I use to order books launched in faraway countries. In order to receive the physical copy, there is extra cost and time involved, so I choose the ebook. Kindle also works better during travel. Better to be pragmatic than a purist when it comes to loving books.

At Story Artisan Press, we began our journey with ebooks but today we are happy to announce that our two new books, Train Friends and Desi Modern Love are also available as print books on Amazon.com.

Today I received the first paperback copy of Desi Modern Love. It is small, slim and oh, so cute! A few hours after admiring it, I came across this article that confirmed my suspicion that there are more people like me, who prefer to hold a book than scan a page on a screen: Physical books still outsell e-books — and here’s why.

Checkout our print books on Amazon, you can get Desi Modern Love here and Train Friends, here.

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