How Bibliophiles Flirt!

The NYT Modern Love column published a lovely story about two book lovers who fall in love. The amazing thing is that the two individuals connect despite their very different tastes in books. It is almost as if the fact that both love books is sufficient!

It was not a competition, but there was a push. I felt him pushing me to be more of the person I used to be and more of who I wanted to be. Whenever he turned to discussing his current nonfiction book about the rise of Silicon Valley or environmental philosophers, I would tell him of fiction, of men who left their countries by hiding in boxes only to climb out and turn into birds. I would remind him that sometimes the only way to explain the world we live in is to make it all up.

When the writer asked her boyfriend what he liked about her, he answered:

“You make me less cynical. I see the world as a more wonder-filled place with you.”

What a heartwarming and insightful answer! Just goes to show that the differences between “a 5-foot-3 black woman born to a Caribbean mother, and him, a 6-foot-4 white guy from Ohio” were as nothing in the face of what each sought and what each found in the other.


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