Off You Go

Having two articles out in major newspapers in two countries and ebooks on Amazon, has been a scary but satisfying experience.

Sending your words out into the world is no different from sending your young child to school for the first time. Even as you fear for your child’s safety, wondering if she is ready or able to face the demands of an unpredictable world outside the comfortable cocoon of home, you know you have to do it, as much for yourself, as for the child, because it is an opportunity to grow, to expand in a way that is not possible by being cloistered in a safe zone.

And then, your child comes home with a smile, having made a new friend, convincing you that you did the right thing. Similarly, I received many positive responses from total strangers who wrote to me about their memories and shared a bit of their lives, the satisfying part. The point of writing and putting it out there is to make connections and that feels good.

Just as the greater world will hold other experiences for your child, not all of which will be pleasant, I received a couple of not-so-supportive responses, the scary part, of being in a public space. Dissenting opinion and constructive feedback, both are welcome, because it is so much better than complete indifference.

Either way, a connection has been made. One that I intend to keep. By writing more.

What scary but satisfying experiences have you had? Please share in the comments.

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