Colors of Home

This picture appeared in the Straits Times, Singapore, earlier this week – providing a splash of color in an otherwise dull newspaper page, proof that you can take the Indian out of India but cannot take India out of the Indian.

A sea of colours swept through the banks of the Singapore River yesterday as more than 200 women of 42 nationalities decked in saris gathered in front of the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles. Singaporeans, permanent residents and non-Singaporeans from

Every immigrant comes to terms with his decision to leave his country of origin once he starts putting down roots and participating in the world he now inhabits. He is richer for the experience and so is the new place he calls home, for the distinctive culture, quirks and cuisine that the “foreigner” brings.

What unique gifts do Indians of the diaspora bring to the countries they move to? Share your comments below.

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