Desi Modern Love!

Modern Love is a popular section of the New York Times. It features deeply personal essays about relationships. The essays are emotionally honest and the story is told in a compelling way. One of our favorites, written by an Indian writer, is titled How a Bird Feeder Revived My Marriage.

We are sure there are many more Desi Modern Love stories out there — stories that are shaped as much by the people that give and receive love (or not) as they are by the situations, opportunities, and challenges against which they play out.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to read and tell such stories?

The stories could be about (for example) the push-pull of love that exists within and between families, about unexpected friendships forged on daily train commutes, about the in-laws, about nurturing teachers, and, of course, dating in the digital age, old and new takes on arranged marriage and everything in between.

So, here is your chance to tell a Desi Modern Love story!

Deadline – May 31 2019

Word Limit – 2,500

Send to –

What’s in it for you? We will publish a representative selection in an anthology. The rest will be showcased on our web site. All will be promoted on social media.

Questions? Comments? Email us at or through the contact form.

Nandini and Ranjani


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